"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room"

– Jeff Bezos | Founder of Amazon.com

And this is true! If you want your company to stand out, it is essential to have a memorable brand image!

There are many elements within a brand, each of which performs a specific function. When these elements all function as they should, they combine to influence the reputation of your brand which lives in the mind of your audience!

At Sadeddin, we are proud to be part of a worldwide network of marketing experts. Our goal is to help your business grow through strategic planning and brand positioning.

Our brand-building strategy consists of the following:

Case Study : TrustyQ Legal Company


Trusty Q Legal Company needed a re-brand and a new website:

They’d been around for over 20 years and operated with the same marketing material they started with.The only new business inquiries were from referrals and whilst they had a website, it hadn’t been touched in over 10 years.

Proposed Solution:

Re-brand the company. Same name, but use a brand new logo and a new color scheme for all marketing materials that would appeal to their targeted demographic.

The new scheme would be translated to a new website that, with our expertise, was crafted with new lead conversion as its primary focus.


After 8 weeks of launching the new site, they’d gone from 1 new lead a week from the website to an average of 9 each week. On average, they were converting 1 in 5 inquiries.

At this current rate that means instead of bringing on 1 new client every 5 weeks, they’re now bringing in 1 new client, every 4 days.

The Process & Timescales

How we do this is by looking at your history, your key clients, the language you use in emails, and your target audience. From there we’ll come up with 3 completely different concepts. We’ll invite you down to our offices and explore each of them with you. At that point, we’ll decide which direction to go in, make any final adjustments and look to have that signed off.

Step one
Step Two
Step Three

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